Standup Paddle Board Yoga at Yoga Utila, Bay Island, Honduras

Standup Paddle Board Yoga at Yoga Utila, Bay Island, Honduras


Now Yoga Utila offers Yoga on a Paddle Board

SUP and yoga are complementary practices that combine to create a satisfyingly challenging experience. SUP yoga is a wonderful practice not only for the physical benefits that can be obtained, but also for the escapism, to bring balance not only to the body but also the mind.

It feels natural to find rhythm and flow with your breath when your studio is the great sea, and your mat the ocean surface. Find more info here


Session 28th WebPost

Click here to check the new schedule of Yoga Utila that will be running all March.

So sad to say good bye to Emma, hope she comes back soon because she will be missed here.

Warm welcome to Joh & Lisa who join Autumn & Aura on this session.

Come and join any of our classes, we are a donation base community who is sharing and growing yoga in this beautiful island.

Shanti, shanti, shanti OM


As we flow into Pranayama at our next Monday Morning Workshop

Lets have a journey as we follow the action of every inhale and every exhale, as we share the deeper, energetic function of Prana and why with a single breath we are reaching a more profound level in our Yoga Practice.

Join us 8:30-10:30 this Monday at Yoga Utila as we discuss and practice the techniques and theory of Pranayama

Au Praying WebPost

Lets take our yoga practice to a deeper level at our monday morning workshop. This week we will be peeling the layers within our practice as we bring the Breath, Bandhas and Dristhi into focus.

“Ujjayi breathing is the foundation of vinyasa. The alignment of the body in asana is achieved through bandha. Drishti completes the trio and builds the bridge, to carry the essence of your practise from the yoga mat into your daily life.”

Join us 8:30-10:30 at the Yoga Utila Shala for some herbal tea as we gain a deeper insight into the world of Yoga.

Aura Split Yoga Utila, Honduras

We are sinking into the hips this Monday at our weekly workshop

Join us from 8:30 to 10:30

We will discuss the importance of the Hip joints bringing the physical, emotional and energetic levels into focus, as we take these aspects into our Yoga Asana practice. We will be sharing some wonderful Yoga Postures and techniques that will help us to open up, release and align through the Hips leaving us feeling lighter on all levels as we step off our mats.

Aura Headstand. Yoga Utila

This Monday 3rd from 8:30 to 10:30 am come and rediscover your inner child at our Special Workshop Session. Flowing into our inversions including headstands, handstands and arm balances, and all the fun preparation that flows along with it. Learn the all benefits of these incredible postures, the contraindications, and how they effect our body physically, internally and energetically.

We will learn how to let go of our fear and flow free! The class is suitable for all, new and experienced to yoga, just bring your smile, sense of adventure and Your camera!

The studio will be our playground…
So come play with us!

Cost of the Workshop: donation basis
Suggested donation: $10 usd to 15$ usd (200 L to 300L)

Schedule Yoga Utila February, Bay Islands, Honduras


Check here our New Schedule, running the whole month of February.

  • So exited to have on Thursdays night and Fridays morning our new guest instructor Autumn. Click here to meet her!
  • Is our dear guest instructor Emma last session before she goes back to her home, if you haven’t try any class with her don’t miss it.
  • And our special workshops on Mondays with Aura and Emma continue this session, like us on FB to find out the topic of each week.

Sunset classes

Please note that due to the weather and to avoid any confusion ALL CLASSES of this session will be at the studio. That means NO SUNSET CLASSES AT DEEP BLUE DIVERS DOCK. Thanks and see you on the mat!

Schedule Yoga Utila January

New schedule is here!

Thank you so much Emma for taking care of Yoga Utila with that much love, now i am back from India and ready to start! We have full schedule again, 4 classes a day everyday of the week so you can choose what is best for you. See you on the mat!!!


Yoga Utila has NEW home!

Map of Utila Honduras Courtesy of

Map of Utila Honduras Courtesy of

Yoga Utila is happy to announce that we have new space. Full of natural light, with a great view and BIGGER than the old one. Come practice with us in this amazing location. Where is it? Easy… on Sandy Bay after Ecomarine and Skid Row, at the right side of the street find “Casa Colorado” with the Yoga Utila Sign in front.

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