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  • All our classes are suitable all levels, though we encourage you to read through the below to find class that you feel comfortable starting with.
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Join us in our Monday morning workshops sessions.  Each week we will be introducing a new theme into our schedule and holding an extended yoga class to cover our chosen topic.

Our workshop sessions will relate to all aspects of yoga including (Ujjayi breath, bandhas, drishti, alignment, what is yoga?, eight limbs of yoga, healthy food) workshops will be suitable for all levels of yogis, for those looking to gain a deeper insight into the world of yoga and take part in some fun and challenging sessions that will help provide structure and depth into your own personal practice.

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This is a great opportunity to learn about Ashtanga Yoga Practice. The teacher will led you through the fundamental asanas (postures) of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Series slowly and taking the time to stop and explain any doubt or question the students could have regarding to the postures or the theory related to Ashtanga Yoga. Every class we will focus in a different aspect of this traditional style of yoga:  Eight limbs of yoga – Ujjayi breath – Bandhas – Drishti Vinyasa – Ashtanga Yoga Mantras – Sun salutations – Standing Asanas Seated Asanas – Back bendings – Inversions or final sequence


The Mysore Style is the traditional way to learn Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. When you assist to a Mysore Style Class the first thing you will find is that the teacher is not “leading” the class and the students are at different times working in the asanas (postures). In Mysore Style Class you will start the Ashtanga Yoga sequence whenever you arrive to the shala (yoga room) -the teacher will be there all morning- and you will work directly with her under her watchful eye, she will adjust you as needed, will advise you when necessary, and will advance you when appropriate. In this style of class the asanas will be given to you one by one according to your owns abilities. Is a silence class where you will work at your own rhythm, at your own pace and following your own breath. Is the ideal class for beginners and advance students as well. It allows you to build slowly slowly a safe practice that you could do by your own even those days when is not possible for you to assist to the class. It will help you to build your personal practice which you can take with you whenever and wherever you are.  You have any question about this style of class? Write us! We will be pleased to help you.


This is an accessible yet challenging practice of an one hour fifteen min. where the teacher will led class goes through the Ashtanga Primary Series up to Navasana (boat pose) then to finishing series. A great class to learn and refine the traditional sequencing and vinyasa count of the Ashtanga method.


We will flow through the asanas, binding them together with vinyasa movements, sometimes for relaxation and sometimes for endurance and strength. We will stay longer in certain postures and flow through others. The Vinyasa Flow gives us a variety of asanas and it gives us the possibility of a practice focused on specific parts of the body.

Please let us know if you are looking for something specific for your practice. May it be slow movements, an intense physical experience or something in between.


We will flow through a fluid vinyasa sequence.  In the vinyasa class we move with our breath from posture to posture as we emerge ourselves in the energy of this magical location.  Beginning by bringing ourselves into the present moment , to connect with our breath, taking time to detach from the past and stop planing for our future and really be in the now… This is Santosha.. To have full awareness of our body an mind in every moment.  Holding this theory within our session we will flow through our vinyasa sequences progressing through a challenging dynamic practice that will lead into a guided relaxation as the sun globally sets on the bay.


Join us in this beautiful asana Sunday session.  Surrounded only by candle light we will take a softer approach to our session as we allow ourselves to surrender into the practice, allowing our body to open gently into the sequence.  Our focus of this class will be pratyahara.. Withdrawal of the senses bringing out attention within.   We will flow through a gentle flow into yin yoga postures, postures where we focus on the hips and lower back, holding the postures for a longer period of time to allow ourselves to relax and meditate into the asana.  This session will be completed with a final Savasana and guided relaxation and head massage.


A combination of any of the above or more workshop format if there is an area you want to focus on (breathwork, figuring out the downward facing dog,  philosophy,etc)

Donation Based Community Yoga Classes on the Island of Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras
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