Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga?  That is a question that can be answered many different ways, and you will likely get as many different answers as the amount of people you ask the question to.  In general terms, Yoga is an art, science,  and a practice that has evolved during thousands of years, that aims for the moral, physical, mental/emotional and spiritual development of the human being.

Do you have to be flexible / strong/ athletic  / young/ experienced to do Yoga?  Come as you are! At Yoga Utila, we aim to offer a variety of types of physical practices so that everyone can help to integrate yoga asanas (poses)  into their life, whether you are a first time or with years of experience, and we offer  slower paced, moderate paced, and intense paced classes.  We have many newcomers as well as people who have a regular practice, and try to offer a range of classes so everyone can find a match for them.  If you do have an injury of some type, or any concerns, please be sure to let the teacher kow before class.

 Is Yoga just a physical activity?  In our classes we  integrate a variety of the other integral components of yoga, aiming to stay true to all aspects of yoga, noting that Yoga is an eight limbed path as is described around year 200 a.C by the great Indian guru Patanjali, the first yogui that systematized an approach of yoga.   We try and emphasize that the physical practice is important, but it is but 1 limb of yoga.  Come to our practice and let it unfold from there. As the noted Yogi  teacher K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009)  said “Practice and All is Coming”.  For more on this, see here


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